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Investments Surprises Extended Care: A Patchwork of Possibilities When Special Care Is Needed: The Special Needs Trust

My firm provides a full range of wealth management services with expertise in serving the ultra high net worth market and bringing those custom solutions to the mass affluent investor. 

We are an independent firm of experienced investment professionals with a passion for delivering the highest level of consulting to manage our clients’ entire financial picture. It is our belief that each investor should have access to an array of personalized transparent solutions versus being confined to mutual funds.  With decades of financial services expertise, we craft a custom investment strategy for each of our clients that lets them rest easy.

Our team of experts will  work on your behalf to implement and review your plans on a regular basis. We will earn your trust by consistently providing excellence in advice and by helping you achieve the financial stability you desire.

Learn more about our investment process by clicking here for a short video.

In 1971, I found my calling: to serve Main Street Americans with my vast knowledge in investing to help them achieve their financial goals and dreams.

I began my career working locally in financial services when there were more sheep than people. After marrying my beautiful wife, Marta, and admiring how she helped so many individuals serving as a psychologist, I saw that I too could make a difference. In 1998, I became an independent financial advisor, offering my clients financial solutions that work best for their needs.

My wife and I raised three incredible children while serving the community and now enjoy our five granddaughters, two cats and time on the golf course.

People that know me well describe me as honest and conscientious.  A man of my word.  Down to earth. I look forward to getting to know your family and helping you with your financial future.

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