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Social Security


The best Social Security benefit election for right now may not be the best deal for a lifetime. 

The difference between a good election decision and a poor one is regularly more than $100,000 in lifetime income.(Social Security Timing, Inc.)  

There are literally thousands of options for when and how you claim your Social Security benefit.  Regardless of marital status, you have multiple options that should be carefully evaluated. In some cases benefits may be available as early as age 60.

For any marital status our planning software computes an optimum benefit and prepares a custom printed report.  The report includes an explanation of the analysis and an easy to understand matrix detailing other options.

Social Security benefit claiming can be complicated and confusing.  Optimizing your benefits may involve changing benefit elections at different ages.  Remember, there are literally thousands of options for when and how you elect your Social Security and these options may change if your marital status changes.

More information and a  Married Couples Social Security Optimizer tool are available under Social Security Tab.  

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